Halloween Fun

Some Halloween fun with lytro images and fancy dress.

 Little Dead Riding Hood



He’s behind you!


Autumn leaves

Flowers in Autumn?

and some light painting fun with sparklers!!


1.6 sec. f/11 ISO400 Compulsory Flash

And if you want to try this for yourself you will need a camera with some manual controls and a flash. Set the shutter speed to around 2 seconds, we need enough time for your subject to leave as long a trail as possible. next set your aperture to around f11 this reduces the camera’s light sensitivity slightly so if there is some ambient light it doesn’t washout the sparkler trails, experiment here a little making the aperture larger (smaller number) say f6 or f4 will tend to lighten the background of the image moving the aperture smaller (larger number) to say f16 – f20 will make the background darker and finally we use flash to freeze the movement of the people in your image.


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