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We are a family of 3 avid photographers living and working in Buxton, Derbyshire right at the heart of the Peak District National Park, myself Alan, my daughter Jess and my son Luke. We have a range of hardware and shoot with Canon cameras and associated gear. We also offer a photo booth for use at your weddings, birthday parties, and events as well as taking candid shots of yourselves and your guests. By far and away our most favourite piece of equipment we bring to your event is our Eyefi cards; these are used in every camera we bring, and transmit your photographs almost instantly to our laptop. This can then be used to either project your photographs onto a 30″ to 300″ screen, or have them displayed on a flat screen monitor or TV. Below and to the left are some examples of people watching the slideshow during some recent events.


After your event we will bring the photos back to our studio to check and adjust them where necessary. Once we are happy with them they will be uploaded to our online Gallery where you and your guests will be able to download, to freely share and print your images as you like. This process usually takes a couple of days to complete. Finally, a selection of your images will be compiled into a slideshow, this slideshow and all of the images will be placed on a professionally labelled and produced DVD, supplied in a presentation case for you to play o

n your DVD player at home. The DVD can also be put into a Windows or Mac pc to use your images as you wish. You can even take this DVD to your local print retailer for example Boots, jessops etc or even order an online album from the likes of Albelli by uploading the photos from our gallery or from the DVD. Unlike other photographers our fee includes the free use of all of your photos – we do not tier our packages so you only have access to a select few of your images. We do not think it’s fair you should have to select just a few when you probably have a wish for more. We include one disc in your package and you are free to copy this disc as you wish, although we do however offer additional copies for a small additional price per disc.emma-21st-631emma-21st-901


Our photo booth includes professional studio lights and high speed triggers these are very! popular with fancy dress parties and can be used to create a variety of effects. You can see some examples of my daughters work to the right here these can also be used for family portraits in your own home if you wish. For more information you can contact us by filling out the form below.

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