Busy weekend!

Starting Friday evening when I noticed issues relating to the website and its file system i realised its hard drive was failing fast so i spent the evening attempting the save as much data as I possibly could, i thought i was missing out on a photo opportunity at New Mills, luckily as it happens i was mistaken and the event was on Saturday night, i ordered a new hard drive from amazon for delivery Sunday and decided to go out any way on Saturday night.

The event was the annual Lantern parade and I wanted to take the time lapse rig along and try to capture the event as it happened. I think it turned out quite well and was pleased with its popularity on social media, here’s a link to the time lapse which compresses 1 hour 45 minutes into 50 seconds my settings where 1 shot every 4 seconds on my Canon 100D with the Samyang 8mm fisheye mounted on the Turnspro camera mount. best viewed full screen in HD 1080p

My Daughter and I also managed to capture some still images during the evening also, these can be found and downloaded from our Eyefi Cloud account.

So when the replacement drive arrived i had to attempt to clone the old drive to the new drive and rebuild the mess, this took all of Sunday evening and the site still wasn’t rebuilt until Monday evening. Also affected by this fault was Castleton & Hope valley photographic societies web site as this is also hosted on my web server  and for the most part this seems to be working with the loss of some image data.


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