Lytro Light field camera

Well those people that know me well will be aware that I volunteer for Eyefi a wifi sd card manufacturer in California USA as technical support on their eyefi forums. Well I had a surprise on friday I got an email from them to say they had purchased something for me from and that it would arrive on sunday 31st of May. Then they teased me on saturday with tracking info. Well after stalking the DPD driver all sunday morning my package Finally! arrived at about 1pm. little did i know they had purchased a brand new Lytro Illum this is such an innovative camera and makes you totally rethink everything you consider when composing an image. With traditional cameras we are attempting to control depth of field by using the aperture setting to ensure we have all of our subject in focus. well this camera has a fixed aperture of F2 but allows for refocusing of the image after it has been taken now when thinking about composition with this camera we are actually looking to create an image with as much front to back focus as possible so we can play with cheap 3d trickery to create images like this one below.

so we are looking to create as much depth front to back as we can, as you can see in this image with the bluebells in the foreground the dog in the middle distance and the spade towards the rear. This image was taken with little experience in this type of photography the day after I received the camera so im still finding my feet with it. It is not intended to be a replacement for my dslr more as a complement to it but I think it should be fun with weddings and birthday parties. watch this space…. ill post more images as time goes by. A massive thank you to Eyefi im so pleased with my new toy 😀


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